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31/01: Day 1 – I’ll miss you Boston life (Boston > New York)

I can definitely say the last party was a great one. Woke up not in my bed, not knowing quite how that had happened, between 2 friends, still full of that chocolate cake that was thrown to my face.It was pretty funny and a perfect last morning. Had the time to rush back home to pick up my stuff, grab a hangover breakfast and it was already time to go the station.

I had more or less forgotten how much saying goodbye sucked !! Between the rush of getting to the station, trying to think of all the good memories you’ve accumulated, it gets pretty sad and stressful. But I was lucky enough my good friends were there to say goodbye.

Getting on that bus was pretty difficult and heart-breaking… some… mixed sad feelings and the fear of the unknown. It’s not so much seeing them again or not, it’s just saying adieu to a family, to a life which won’t happen again…

Anyhow, bye bye Boston, I was on my way to my first stop, New York! To spend some last family time. I didn’t get that feeling of « WoW, okay, I’m gone for the next 232 days », cause I had literally no idea of what was coming…



01/02: Day 2 – bye bye NYC

Day 2 is the day you realise you actually left, you actually have no other purpose for anyone else but yourself. Realising that you are no longer part of a company or a group…. All your friends go to work, do their job, have their stuff to deal with and you… well, for you, there is nothing else to drive you than yourself. It was a bit of a hard hit and a strange feeling… for about 10 min!

A nice soft start for a second day. Found my family at home; went to lunch with a long time friend I hadn’t seen in ages (meeting up with her in NYC  was quite improbable, as last time we met was in Montpellier a couple of years ago); got back home, watched Big Hero 6 with my cousin (quite a cool movie actually); went out for diner and realised that I will miss the American service: “sorry we made a mistake, we’ll bring you an extra plate of fries ». Finished the day watching Donald Trump arrive 2 in Iowa for the Republican primaires and Hilary,  most likely future president of the US (at least that’s what I thought), arrive 1 st for the Democrats.



02/02: Day 3 – Welcome to Washington (New York > Washington)

Day 3, first real “discovery” stop. Left NY super early and got in at mid-day. Got to the Hostel and started my tourist day. Every big city in the US really has its very own vibe. Boston is European, Chicago is Artistic, New York is Business, Miami is… Miami and #Washington is the Public Administration city, with all its massive imposing buildings, that just through themselves into your face. You can really sense the old white lads, behind these big white walls, wasting tons of paper.

Visited the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress (pretty remarkable structures) and the Museum of the American Indians. This Museum is this big, tall and spacious museum with 4 floors. It is set in a way that first three floors cover a long history of south American Indians and then, eventually, on the small 4th floor, one finally can find a little bit out about American Indians… and again it is set in that way that… you don’t really see what actually really happened. Anyway…

On the way back, I had a great view of the Capitol by night. What a shame it was all under construction, because it really is a beautiful building.

15,7 km soit 22365 pas (quand je pense que j’avais l’impression que c’était beaucoup).



03/02: Day 4 – Washington

Walked down to Freedom Plaza where Martin Luther King wrote some of his “I have a dream” speech. Then headed to the white house, back annnnd front. It’s funny because from the back it’s quite common and front the front, you’re so far that you can’t really start to feel the greatness of that place.

Then walked to the Lincoln Memorial, beautiful, really really loved it and there… rain !! walked up to the Washington monument, by then was completely soaking wet and frankly getting pretty annoyed with it (but I remember felling I was kind of prepared because inside my regular day bag, I had my waterproof bag protection… but no rain coat…); took a cab to this Burrito place the Tortilla Café (and kept a really good memory of that place; it was cheap, friendly and good); headed back to the hotel.

Then went to the Space museum, which was quite interesting, but I arrived too late and couldn’t see some of the interesting stuff, mostly because I spent the entire visit on the phone with my parents…!

The meseum is just in front of The Mall. You see that famous election day picture, Trump vs Obama? Yeah, well that’s The Mall. So I stoped at the WW II Memorial, where they honnor their fallen soldiers by state; it’s pretty moving. The sunset was a beautiful pink sky, the first memorable ones of my trip (see my TOP 10 best sunsets).

All of that area by night is magical. You can find these views towards that Capitol or the White house you ALWAYS see in the movies or series. I was all alone there, no other tourists, which made it even more atmospheric.

Went back to the hotel and there a Philippino lady insisted to make me Sushi… which I accepted of course! Once done, cleaning, back into my room, these 2 indians came and said I had to help them eat their food, so had a second diner…

21,5 km parcourus, soit 30573 pas.



04/02: Day 5 – Washington

Today went up to U street (which is supposed to be a big thing in Washington)… it was okay, then headed to Point Circle, was okay, some bars around there where nice, M street also has lots of bars etc.

After that, headed to the supposedly Old post office Pavillon (in the top 10 of the things to do in Washington on Trip adviser)… arriving around the area, I see a big Trump sign on a building being renovated and found that quite funny (“haha, another Trump extravagancy”); took a picture, continued to walk around, to find this Old post office Pavillon I was supposed to see… walked for at least 10 min up and down, to finally find out that poor monument was now under The Trump Organization and was transforming it into a luxury Hotel…(seriously?!?)!!! So decided to head to the Pentagone.

A lonnnnnnng walk to get nothing interesting out of it !! I’m sure, so many people like me think that the Pentagone has to be a cool thing to see… I couldn’t go anywhere closely interesting… it’s just a big building office surrounded by a big parking lot… haha. So went to the Kennedy memorial. That was very moving, the cemetery is very beautiful and their graves very simple. Of course the view up there on the Washington monument and the Lincoln memorial is astonishing, so sat up there for a while, admiring the view. Walked to the Lincoln Memorial and got the « by night » version.

22,3km parcourus, soit 31720 pas.



05/02: Day 6 – Washington to Miami 

From Washington to Baltimore airport to Miami, Florida !!! Finally warm !!! Bye bye the Patriots hat and hello sun, beach and family time!



06/02: Day 7 – Miami 

Miami is that kind of city where you can find all sorts of extravagancies. You have girls that go out for a run, tons of make-up on and that suddenly stop, to take a duck face selfie. That was just totally hilarious. You have these huge crazy mensions, which you don’t even want to know how they were paid for. But the coolest one was this amazing wine wall at the Cibo Wine bar. This waitress takes the orders, hops into a harness and it lifts her up and down to grab the bottles of wine.



07/02: Day 8 – Miami, last day in the US!

That last Franco-American breakfast was an absolute blast (not so much for my hips, but more for my moral and courage!). A family crêpe party, with Nutella, Chantilly, jam and all the best before months of rice, cold hard toast and… okay, exceptional fresh fruit, but still, I had to make the most of this (almost) last French delicacy and ate like 10…

My last day was also Super Bowl Sunday, which made it even more of a special final day. The Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers. Not that I supported either (cause my team are the Patriots!) nor that you can really expect a French family to go wild over a game that stops every 2 min if you’re lucky and last for almost 4 hours, but it was there in the background. A nice American culture touch for the closing ceremony for my American chapter.



—> Check what’s next: CUBA !



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