La Fortuna / Arenal Volcano

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Hiking around the Volcano and finishing in hotsprings, what a pleasure!



We started the day with an impressive view on to the Arenal Volcano, the star of La Fortuna, from our room, which is always pleasant.

To get some serious stuff done, we went hiking around the Arenal Volcano. It’s really nice, views are awesome, it’s not too difficult, nature is terrific and varies quite a bit actually. You walk on hardened lava and around a nice lake. Unfortunately, clouds decided to stick on top of the volcano, but it was a very nice hike. It probably took us around 3 hours.

You can also hike on the Cerro Chato Volcano, supposed to be pretty cool, go rafting and go to the Waterfall, which we didn’t have time to do

In La Fortuna, you can go to hot springs, or rather so hot pools, heated by the volcano. We had asked in our hostel and they were only suggesting places we had to pay 50$ to get in to stay 2 or 3 hours… That was for us, out of budget and therefore, out of question. Eventually, a girl in a local shop told us about this place locals went to, Las Termalitas de Arenal – 4000 Colones / 7€. It was very nice. The water was heated by the volcano, it had 4 or 5 pools, there were very few people and we chilled there for a couple of hours.

La Fortuna is a bit like our ski resorts: you can see the mountains from your room, you spend a lot of energy on it during the day and you come back in the evening to chill in hot springs or therms. Only it has no snow and appropriate clothing are shorts and t-shirts!



Our Hostel: Arenal Hostel Resort. The rooms were not that great, the staff was not friendly, but all the setting was really super nice. The garden had loads of hammocks, it has a cool bar, some music, a pool. It was pretty sweet. The breakfast was delicious and very large. That place had everything, eggs, bacon, fruit, toast, Nutella, peanut butter, beans, plantains, juice, absolutely everything.


 Get there and away:

  • From La Fortuna, you can go either go back to San José or next stop can also be Monteverde.


More useful links for La Fortuna:


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