Manuel Antonio National Park

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Great beaches, nice nature and saw some sloths! 



We had read that we could see a lot of wild life in the park and that it was beautiful, so I was expecting something quite wild. Instead, it was kind of manicured, with a paved road all along and we had the good idea to hire a guide, so he could to spot out, with his big lens, the sloths Costa Rica is so famous for. So we saw a couple of these (they are such funny creatures, they are so slow! You can only really imagine it when you’ve seen one) and we saw some white faced monkeys. They look so sweet, so cute, so human!! But, be weary, actually they are aggressive spoilt little brats, used to tourists giving them all their food.

The beach area at the end, was really nice. White sand, blue water, pretty perfect. All of it was nice, definitely, just not what I was thinking. We arrived too late to really make the most of it, but you can easily spend the whole day there.

There are also a couple of very nice beaches and restaurants around the park. We went to Playa Espadilla, just by the National Park.

If for example you don’t have enough time to go to the other places, Manuel Antonio is a good concentrate of all the main activities you can do in Costa Rica.  You can without problem do hiking, rafting, animal watching, ziplining, horse riding and sport fishing. The later is pretty expensive and not really my thing, but Quepos, the town of Manuel Antonio, is very famous for it.




I don’t have any recommendation on that aspect. However, what we did is that we rented a house up in the mountains for 3 nights and it was just amazing and really cheap! Casa Altamar, which we found on Air B&B, is quite isolated, but the view was incredible, the house was great, the pool was awesome.



 Get there and away:

  • From Manuel Antonio, you can go either go back to San José, North towards Puntarenas or continue South in direction of Corcovado National Park.


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