Santa Teresa / Mal Pais / Montezuma

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Crazy first day in Costa rica!



Wahou my first day was quite an experience! Got at the airport of San José around 12 pm, I told a taxi I wanted to go to the beach and that he should propose a place. He proposed me Jaco, but we are going to go there with my friends, so I said no and then he proposed in that case to go to Santa Teresa and there I was, off for to Santa Teresa.

The taxi took me to the bus terminal. The bus goes to Puntarenas and from there, either you stop in Puntarenas, but it’s not great, or you take the ferry to cross over to the peninsula. The boat was 1 km away from the bus station… so you walk or you take a taxi. Once you arrive in Naranjo, you take another bus that will take you wherever you want to go. In the end after arriving at the airport, I took a taxi, a bus, a ferry, a bus, a cab and another cab! Quite the epic trip!

I spent the night in Cobano, because I had met some costaricains, but it’s nothing interesting and we all 4 went to Playa Carmen the next morning, which was really really nice. All the Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Montezuma area has a lot of beaches, which are nice and wild, with quite a few waves. Obviously this place is paradise for surfers and all other water sports like windsurf, paddle, etc. ! Playa Hermosa and Playa Santa Teresa are the most well know.

I remember thinking that Costa Rican tourism looked… interesting. Don’t know if it was because of the season, but on the beach, there were not many people, but there were a lot of families, the slightly rich hippie kind of ones, vegan for sure, parents full of tattoos, with their surfing boards and 1 or 2 small kids. It was quite funny, but in the end, it was only in this place.

I didn’t do any, but Costa Rica is quite well know for it’s many Yoga courses and I am not surprised you can do quite bit in this area. In Mal Pais, you can also go to the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve if you have extra time.


 Get there and away:

  • From Santa Teresa, you can either go to San José, South to Quepo / Manuel Antonio, or go North towards Tamarindo.


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