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Singapore is an amazing city to spend a couple of days. So much to do, to see. I spent 3 days there and could have easily staid on 2 more. Singapore is the Canada or Switzerland of Asia: it’s spaced out, green, clean, dynamic, safe, calm and, which probably drives most of us latins crazy, full of “unusual” rules! For example, make sure you don’t drink, eat or, most importantly, look suspicious in the metro, you could get fined 450$ or more! Don’t cross when it is red; do not chew gum; don’t be gay, etc., etc., etc….

Day 1

Day 1 is all the Singapore you’ve seen on the postcards. Everything around the Bay area. So much happens around there:

  • Start with the Fountain of wealth.
  • Check out the Theatres on the Bay.
  • Go down to the Clarke Quai area, which is famous for its outdoor bar / club  / restaurants court. Soaked up the bubbling atmosphere.
  • Have lunch on Boat Quay, which is full of restaurants, of all sorts of price granges, along the Singapore river. Very very busy at all times, with workers in suits or tourists from everywhere.
  • Head to the very famous Merlion statue / fountain.
  • Walked in front or through the CBD (Central Business District).
  • Through the Bay Sands shopping centre, in the Marina Bay Sands towers.
  • Around the flower looking ArtScience Museum.
  • Cross the Helix Bridge.
  • Glance or take a ride on the Singapore Flyer (the big wheel).
  • End up and chill at the amazing Gardens by the Bay. It is a garden with kind of huge metal trees, called the Supertrees and there are hanging bridges between each one of them. It’s beautiful and looks really cool !! All the garden is very nice, especially considering it is in the heart of a city like Singapore. Stay there until night to see the night sound & light show. The game of lights and the music is great. A really beautiful show. Especially as it goes on every night and the theme changes every month or so. When we went, the theme was Chicago the musical.
  • Have diner at Satay by the Bay, just behind the gardens. It’s an outdoor street food court. It has food from everywhere, Malaysia, Thailand, India, China, with fish, barbeques, fruit shakes, coconut ice cream, loads of good things. The food was great!
  • Then go back to the bay, pass the outdoor football pitch / stadium (which is a floating pitch, surrounded by nets so not too many ball get lost to the water).



Day 2

Day 2 would be to mix cultures, people, colors and food.

  • Start around Arab street area and the impressive Masjid Sultan (Masjid means Mosque in Malay if I remember correctly). It’s a cool area, it actually has quite a few small streets full of street art.
  • Then head and walk around Little India. It’s funny how areas really change from one to the other. A great mix Indian food, music and shops everywhere.
  • Stop at The National Museum of Singapore if you feel like it. At least walk around it.
  • Walk to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple and around that area. It’s is one of the Hindu community’s most important monuments in Singapore. I seem to remember you can visit it at certain times and maybe even that it does some kind of free meal even where everyone can go.
  • Chinatown is nice, but just another very touristy area, where you can buy your souvenirs.


Day 3



Hostel: The Inncrowd is a cool place, located in Little India, so, fun and vibrant and not too too far from the main activities. Common area, staff, people are nice. Rooms are fine.



 Get there and away:

  • From Singapore, unless you want to take the plane and go… wherever really, you can take the bus, crossing the boarder to Malaysia, to Melaka or head to the Tioman Islands.


More useful links for Singapore:



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