Some Singaporean bites & bars


Don’t know if Singapore is a high end Gastronomy State city, especially considering even Singaporeans are not sure about a particular local dish, but for sure you’ll find a lot of everything, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai, Western, etc.

So, if I had to line up some recommendations of places to eat and drink, it would go as follows… with ♥ as tested and approved and ∇ recommended but yet to be tested.

  • Brunches
  • Food courts
  • Indian
  • Dim Sums
  • Vietnamese
  • Other Asians
  • French
  • Other Europeans
  • Others from other parts of the world
  • Bars


  1. Brunches

Wild Honey (A) – Western brunches. Place is great, but it’s popular, so make sure you book or get in early! (and hot chocolate is very good)

Merci Marcel (A) – If you’re French and craving for food from home, viennoiseries, cheese, croque monsieur, well theeeeeee best place !

♥ Forty Hands (A) – Place was nice, nothing special, but the food dude…!!!

♥ Symmetry – (sort of) Australien food, it’s actually a regular brunch place, but the restaurant in itself it really nice.

Fika Café – (sort of) Swedish food. A bit over-priced, but the place is nice, the food is good and it’s in a very cool area!

Sarnies – MmmMm that Avocado toast is sooo good !

Clinton – Perfect place for Pancakes, if not the best.

♥ PS Café – on the high end price wise – the Raffles city one was nice, but don’t know if it’s that special that I would go back, but keen on trying the other locations.

♥ Tolidos espresso nook

♥ Old Hen Coffee – The savory is alright, but their real strength are their sweet touch and their cold brew coffee

Brunches Café

Chopsuey Cafe @Dempsey

Jewel Coffee


Artichoke – Middle Eastern food (reservation needed). Don’t know for brunch, but lunch there was delicious !

O Batignolles – French

Strangers’ Café

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

Riders Café

Tiramisu Hero

House of AnLi

Plain Vanilla Bakery

∇ Chye Seng Huat Hardware


2. Food courts

Satay by the Bay – it’s an « expensive » food court, but in the loveliest environment !

Lau Pa Sat – Singapore’s most famous

Old airport road food center


3. Indian

MTR – doesn’t look like much, but you’ll only see people who know what they are eating about.

Copper Chimney – I’d say it’s on the posh end of an Indian restaurant in Little India and it’s very good.

Khansama Tandoori Restaurant

Kebabs N’ Curry

∇ Pita Bakery : 29 Bali Ln, Singapore 189865 – For Pita / Hummus take away

Urban Roti


4. Dim Sums

♥ Any Din Tai Fung, but the one is the Marina Bay Sands Mall is the nicest

Swee Choon Tim Sum


5. Vietnamese

Mrs Pho House

Fat Saigon Boy


6. Other Asians

First Thai –  Simple but efficient. Great green curry !

Gurkha Palace – Nepalease

∇ Sungei road Laksa


7. French

Beaujolais –  Happy to have a pretty good Steak Tartare and their Steaks are pricy but delicious !

♥ Chez Ginett – They have steak tartare !! And they do Tuesday ladies night.

Windowsill Pies – a Boulangerie for those craving a good desert


8. Other Europeans

Black White Tale – a mix between French, Italian and American. Specialty: Raclette Burgers !!

BAKALAKI Greek Taverna – Greek

Original Sin Restaurant – Greek, Middle Eastern

SONS Singapore – Italian

Little Part 1 Cafe, Blair Road – Italian


9. Others from other parts of the world !

♥ Artichoke (A) – Middle Eastern food (reservation needed). HooohhooOoo that Hummus!

♥ Aloha Poke – Salades

Braseiro – For a good steak and homemade fries

∇ Two Blur Guys – Burgers

Pistachio Grill – Middle Eastern food


10. Bars

♥ Anywhere on Duxton Hill, but Lucha Loco is cool

♥ Anywhere in Chijmes (place is beautiful)

♥ The great Escape

CE LA VIE – Rooftop !

1 Altitude – Rooftop !

♥ Level 33

♥ The Lantern


What’s your favourite ?





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