Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur literally mean ‘Muddy Confluence’. KL got this nickname because it was founded near the cross between the rivers Klang and Gombak. It has now because this major South East Asian hub where cultures, shopping malls, foods from all over the place were splashed everywhere.



  • How to get there: Direct flight from Singapore to KL.
  • Travel time from SG: 1 hour (Direct Flight)
  • Do not miss: Petronas Towers, Central Market, Batu Caves, Masjid Jamek and Negara, Selamat Datang to Kampong Bharu tour, Merdeka Square


As I started my first day tour of Kuala Lumpur, I went to the Central Market, which is full of touristy little boutiques, with textiles, souvenirs, etc., it’s just next to the Chinatown area. Very touristy, you can buy souvenirs, small electronics, eat… Also went to the Indian block: similar to Chinatown, only with more textile goods. Then passed in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, which is quite impressive. They were having a sort of motorbike rally or a motorbike sale show, I’m not quite sure, but there were 100s and 100s of them, with loud music and 99% males around. I basically started the KL Historical Buildings tour, with my Triposo App.

Then headed to the So Batu Caves, one of the “must dos” in KL (you can take a tour with your hostel/hotel or go in taxi). The thing to know about these caves is it they are about 25 min drive out of the city. Okay the set up (the big status, the stairs) is impressive, but it’s nothing THAT amazing and it’s really dirty!!! The only entertainment, if you haven’t seen any yet, are the monkeys, which again, as it seems to be the case all over the world when you have monkeys in touristy places, they were nasty, aggressive and real thieves.




Next day started with the impressive Petronas Towers. They are so massive, great to take fun photos, especially with a GoPro. We took masses from the front, from underneath, from the back, from the park (a really nice little park), from the bridge. We also tried to see if we could find a free or cheap way to go up the towers, but didn’t succeed.

Went to Masjid Jamek, one of the old mosques of KL. Stopped at Masjid Negara and then headed to the Lake gardens, nothing too too special, but it was nice, when you don’t get caught into one of the biggest 15 min rain storm I’ve been trapped into.

At 4pm we then joined a free guided tour. It took us from Selamat Datang to Kampong Bharu, it was really good. We visited some old, typical Malay houses, got a bit of history on the city, but most interestingly, he took us around a local market and made us taste loads of delicious local specialties. We even went back for diner to Suraya Seafood. The food was delectable, the place very popular and very very local.

To complete our KL experience, we needed to go and have a drink in one of these rooftop bars that always have these amazing views on the city, in this case on the Petronas Towers and are outrageously expensive. We went to the Sky Bar, which great and stuck to the definition of a rooftop.


Get there and away:

  • From KL, you can go more or less anywhere, but in the surroundings you will have: Penang – Georgetown, Cameron Highlands, Langkawi, Perhentian Islands, Melaka


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