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So… as you most likely know me… I’ll tell you what the idea is here and why this blog.

First of all, what’s this nonsense blog name…? « Et dans 25 ans », literally translated by « and in 25 years », just stands for: what do you want to remember in 25 year? At the end of my stay in Boston, I had the choice to go to Barcelona to continue the job I was doing, or leave it and go travelling for 6 months (which turned out to be 8). While still indecisive, I was asked what I wanted to remember in 25 years: taking the expected easy way or the uncertain adventure… well I guess 2016 will be full of adventure !

What will you find here? Is this a travel guide? In which case it’s clear, short and simple, a couple a links and bullet points, but might as well go on Wiki and I’m no guide! Is this the stories of my trips?  No one really cares (a part from my mum and dad). A bit of both? I’m still not quite sure at this stage…

The purpose here is to share my experience and keep good memories, but also, because I’ve had, over the last couple of years, some friends visiting Paris, others taking a trip to Chile needing some advice, others stopping by Boston during an East Cost road trip. Well, I wanted all the advice and tips I could give to all be here.

So let’s see how it develops…


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