Phnom Penh

One of my roommates lived in Phnom Penh for almost 2 years and adores the city. However, as a tourist, I can’t say it’s immensely exciting… The city does have many temples a few museums, plenty of cafés, restaurants and French bakeries, but « the beauty that made it a ‘Paris of the East’ before 1970 is now hidden beneath modern day Cambodia, where the wide boulevards and promenades envisaged by the French are mostly used as parking spaces and market stalls.« 

I guess Phnom Penh is were Cambodia’s recent History lives the most, as the main tourists sites are directly linked with its dark past.

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Yangon and it’s fabulous streets. They are a mix of colors, temples, people, sometimes overcrowded, sometimes empty, full of beauty, of poverty, yet have these amazing crumbling old colonial buildings and houses, hiding behind courtyards and high gates, which were once rich and grand, where you just want to adventure yourself until you see a dog running up to you, with the housekeeper looking at you from afar thinking “I’m watching you young lady”… And there’s the smell, this smell of Betel that you quickly get used to and that, if ever you were to smell again elsewhere, you would think back to it with tenderness and would always tie you back to your Burmese adventures. Lire la suite « Yangon »

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur literally mean ‘Muddy Confluence’. KL got this nickname because it was founded near the cross between the rivers Klang and Gombak. It has now because this major South East Asian hub where cultures, shopping malls, foods from all over the place were splashed everywhere. Lire la suite « Kuala Lumpur »


Georgetown is a cute city. I preferred it to Melaka. An interesting mix of old and new, authentic and rebuilt. It can be done in one day minimum, but if you like these charming little cities, sparkled with small cultural pearls, you could stay a day or two extra. Most of it is walkable; I think the botanic garden is a bit far, but then again… another one… Lire la suite « Penang »

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