Spa Boat party weekend

That was a very special weekend for me, as it marked my entry into a new decade and man it was an amazing entry ! We booked a sort of cruise, with SpaBoat, off of Phuket, for 20 people (they also have a boat which can accommodate 30) and just chilled and partied for the full weekend in this amazing scenery.  Lire la suite « Spa Boat party weekend »

My Thailand ABC

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  • like… Ayutthaya, an anciently rich and very prosperous city. Today you can find many old vestiges, amongst which the very famous statue head  in the tree. That was for me, the place where I learnt to trust random people. This really sweet girl came up to me and proposed to take me around for the day. After insisting I had no money to give and her telling me she was happy to practice her English, I went along… and to this day, I still have her on Facebook. She had even made a funny cute photo montage of us (very Asian style). 

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